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(Note; this site is still under construction. Please be patient) 

This website is dedicated to the memory of one of the most controversial figures of the early 20th century, John Sebastian Marlow Ward. By definition it is admittedly supportive of him and his teachings, yet it will endeavour at all times, to provide a historically accurate record of his life and teachings as he himself expressed them. Not every reader will believe all his claims, some will find them incredible and there are undoubtedly many who will still reject him and his message today, nearly sixty years after his death even as so many of his contemporaries did during his life time.

Ward with his second wife, Jessie about 1936
Ward with his second wife, Jessie about 1936

Yet although there were those who mocked when his prophecies were first made in the early 1930's, they mock no longer, for many of those predictions have now been fulfilled, including the Second World War, the fall of the British Empire, and more recently the rise of Islamic Fundmentalism.  


His claims about the way that the Wisdom of Antiquity had been passed down through the Ages in various secret societies, because medieval Christianity had rejected it, and which had seemed so radical when they were first made in the 1920’s, are now seen to be but the forerunners of other far more extravagant conspiracy theories. Perhaps they represent the truth behind such widely popularised views as those promoted through books and movies like “The Da Vinci Code”.  


The discovery of the Nag Hammadi Library (December 1945) and the Dead Sea Scrolls (1947 – 53) have lent further support to many of his spiritual pronouncements, so that today what was once seen as an esoteric movement can now be regarded – if not quite as “mainstream” - then certainly as a belief system that can be safely espoused by any thinking man.


Thus, John Sebastian Marlowe Ward, can truly be projected as a man ahead of his time and this website is designed to provide the world at large with a basic introduction to his life, his teachings and his ideals. For many people, that is all that they will gain from this site; for others it will merely confirm their opinion that he was a dangerous crackpot, but for the earnest seekers after truth it may well be the first step on a pilgrimage that will help to shed light on some of the darkest stages of their Quests. For a select few, however, who would seek to follow in his footsteps, the authors of this website pray that it will help to lead them to a better understanding of the nature of God, of His Plan for the Salvation of all mankind and above all to a realization that, as Ward, so loudly proclaimed, the Christian Dispensation is coming to an end. May it also lead them to understand that,  before it is replaced by a New Age, Christ will Return, as He once promised, and reign as King over all the earth.


For it was this belief that became the dominant theme in the life of John Sebastian Marlowe Ward; and it was a theme for which he sacrificed all that the world normally holds dear. This is something that is not always recognised, yet he gave up much in order to dedicate his life to God's Work. He left an illustrious literary career and a well-paid job, as well as the near certainty of further renown in his chosen fields of research, and for what? 


In return he received abuse from many former colleagues, constant threats and incessant persecution from authorities in many areas. But he also assailed the heights of mysticism and did so to a degree that few others have done since Biblical times.


Ultimately he died in exile, far from his native land and was buried in an unmarked grave that he shared with two other paupers, and to his enemies that was the end of him. The wise, however, know better. After death, his immortal spirit, loosed at last from the bonds of human flesh, sped rapidly to it's Heavenly abode from whence he continues to inspire and guide those of us who still remain on earth.


To those of his successors who also strive to follow the mystic path, John Sebastian Marlowe Ward may well be as real now, as ever he was when on earth, to others it is but his memory and his writings that they revere. But however they see him, may all his followers find in this website both knowledge and spiritual advancement, and may each one of them play his or her part in the great work that John Ward began – the Work of Preparation for the Coming of Christ the King.



CHRIST THE KING: from a picture by Anson Dyer

Christ is Coming
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