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The Theology of John Ward is both unique and comprehensive in its scope, but it did not spring into being, ready-formed from his mind; rather it developed gradually throughout his life as his own personal seeking led him slowly onward towards the goal. Beginning with his traditional Anglo-Catholic upbringing, his knowledge of the things of God evolved gradually as his incredible mind came to embrace an ever-widening circle of belief and spiritual understanding.

In other sections of this website we have explored the evolution of Ward's belief-system as it gradually developed over a life time of spiritual seeking. Here we are concerned only with displaying it, in its mature and fully-developed form as Ward would have understood it during the last stages of his earthly pilgrimage, and as his followers accept it today.


It is self-evident that Ward’s theology is Unique, but we have also said that it is far more Comprehensive that that of most other groups, whether Christian or Non-Christian. It includes many different facets of the Truth, each of which is important in its own right, and many of Ward’s supporters have found that whilst they can accept one or two of his teachings they have trouble supporting others. Obviously those who find such a partial position helpful are welcome to make use of his meditations in that way, for neither Ward nor his followers have ever sought to impose his belief system on others, nevertheless its greatest virtue lies in the way that each teaching dovetails into the others to form a cohesive whole.


Unlike both traditional, medieval Christianity and the individual creeds of most other modern denominations Ward’s Basic Theology it is free from self-contradictions and together with his Mystical Theology provides an explanation for most of the problems that have puzzled other Thinkers all down the Ages.


The Summary provided below is a condensation of the Belief System that Ward preached and that his followers still proclaim. It is set out in the same form as the traditional Creeds but is more comprehensive than any of and consequently it must be considered something of an achievement in its own right.


None of the major Creeds of Christianity make any pretence of being comprehensive. Instead, they concentrate on one or more aspects of Belief, usually those that were controversial when first they were written and make little or no reference to the rest. The same is true of the various Creeds and Confessions of Belief that pertain to most other modern denominations – they emphasise where they differ from the groups from which they derived, but make no effort to provide a comprehensive outline of their teachings. At least partly this is because it is no easy feat to condense a comprehensive theology into such a small number of words that it can be described as a Creed.


Ward’s theology is even more all-embracing than most but the Summary given below is designed to provide a comprehensive outline and so perhaps can be considered as his Creed. It is longer than both the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds but unlike them provides a comprehensive outline of the beliefs of its supporters. 


It is given below and for ease of references, like the original Apostles’ Creed it is set out in twelve stanzas.






We believe in One God, Unmanifested and Incomprehensible, from Whom and in Whom, all things have their being, even Time and Space: Who in the Beginning, manifested forth as the Trinity of One Substance, namely, God the Father, the Father of all souls, God the Holy Spirit, the Mother of all souls and God the Son, the Elder Brother of all souls, Who in turn brought all Creation into being, from Whom descends continuously a stream of Divine Sparks that enter into matter to gain therein experience, so they may ultimately return to enrich the Godhead.


We believe in God the Father, the Father of all souls, and Creator of Heaven and Earth who has revealed Himself to Mankind in a myriad different ways, but Who has revealed Himself to us through the Holy Scriptures.


We believe in God the Son, the Elder Brother of all souls, Who is also their Salvator, and periodically descends into matter, in order to lead his brethren along the Path of Return, who most recently came to earth as Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, who was born of the Virgin Mary and taught mankind the Way of Salvation, Who suffered death on the Cross for our Redemption, descended into Hell to aid those who had failed, and then raising even His material Body out of the grave, returned to earth life to teach His disciples and then ascended into Heaven.


We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Mother of all souls, Who descended upon the apostles and disciples of Our Lord in order to institute the One, Holy, Orthodox and Catholic Church on earth, and Who continues to inspire and guide that Church even to this day through the spiritual descendants of the apostles, the clergy, saints and mystics.


We believe in the One Holy, Orthodox and Catholic Church founded by Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, led initially by the apostles of Christ, and ever after by their anointed successors and which teaches His Way of Salvation and shall continue to do so until He comes again.


We believe in the Way of Salvation, whereby, following in the Footsteps of Our Lord, and making use of the Sacraments of His Church, we are enabled to obtain forgiveness for our sins and assistance in paying our debts, so that ultimately we may finish our round of earthly lives and take our place among the Saints of God.


We believe in life after death; that our loved ones await us on the further shore, that they dwell initially on the Astral Plane in a condition determined largely by their standard of life when on earth, that they then pass to the Spirit Plane in which their condition is determined wholly by their spiritual state, and which ranges from Hell to Paradise; and that ultimately they will be reborn again on earth: and that this process shall continue until they earn the right to end their round of earthly lives. 


We believe in the Divine Spark within each one of us, Eternal and indestructible, whereby alone we are enabled to break free from the shackles of material existence; that we gain experience on the Astral and Spirit planes after death on earth, only to return again, life after life until we have learned all that earth life can teach us. Even if at times we turn away from God, He will not abandon us, and ultimately we will be led to realise the folly of our sin; and taking the opportunities afforded to us, pay off our past debts by sacrifice and service, and following the Way of Salvation earn the right to end our lives on earth.


We believe that the Tester of Men and Angels, has been appointed by God to tempt and test all who seek to follow the Way of Salvation, to ensure that none who are unworthy approach the Throne of God. 


We believe in Heaven, the abode of the Three Planes of the Saints and Nine Choirs of Angels and that it is the destiny of each Divine Spark to ascend this great spiritual ladder step by step until ultimately it returns to God, the Source from whence it came.


We believe in the promised return of Christ to reign as King over all the earth. That the time of His coming is drawing near and that it is the duty of all his followers to prepare themselves and others for that great Day.


We believe in the ultimate salvation of all Creation, that through sacrifice, suffering, and service all will eventually return to their Source, and the purpose of Creation thus accomplished, God will again become All in All, and ultimately withdraw from Manifestation once again. And that this process has been, is, and ever shall be, continually repeated throughout all Eternity.  AMEN



Although of necessity, brief, we feel that this Summary provides an introduction to Ward’s theology that is both authoritative and readily understandable. For those who are interested in a fuller explanation of his theology, the following links are supplied. They each lead to another page on which the various sections are considered in greater detail. 

For Part One covering Stanzas 1 to 4; The Nature of God CLICK HERE

For Part Two covering Stanzas 5 to 8; The Work of Salvation CLICK HERE

For Part Three covering Stanzas 9 to 12; Gods Great Plan CLICK HERE

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