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Many individuals played a significant part in the life journey of John Ward. Many opposed him and his views, sometimes viciously, whilst others supported them and many of these went on to become his devoted followers and in some cases the successors to his spiritual heritage.

On this page we will provide a list of names, with a brief summary of the role that each individual played in his life, but will not attempt to provide detailed information about any of them. However, in respect of those whose role was of particular significance we will provide links to other sites, or other pages in this website that provide more information.

Very Rev Jessie Ward (nee Page)
Ward's second wife, and fellow mystic who co-founded the Abbey of Christ the King with him. As Abbess she was largely responsible for the survival of the Confraternity after his death and its re-establishment in Australia.
1890 - 1965
Rev Herbert Marlow Ward
Ward's father, life-time counsellor and confidante.
1858 - 1936
Most Rev John Churchill Sibley

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The first Archbishop of the Orthodox Catholic Church in England; Ward's consecrator and mentor
1858 - 1938
Sir John Cockburn
Prominent South Australian politician and Freemason, who supported Ward's Masonic work until his death.
1850 - 1929

Aleister Crowley

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An avowed Black Magician, Crowley tried to trick Ward into giving him holy water and allow him access to the sacrament. When refused he tried to attack him by psychic methods.

1875 - 1947

Canon W A Wigram

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A Canon in the Anglican Church, Freemason, prominent author, and long-time supporter of Ward, W.A. Wigam is best known to the rest of the world as an author. Head of the Anglican missionary outreach to the Assyrian Christians of Kurdistan and Luristan, he wrote extensively about them and their history in a number of works specially his "Introduction to the history of the Assyrian Church".

1880 - 1950?

Gerald Gardner

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Originally a naturist and folklorist, Gardner in the early to mid 1940's was one of Ward's most devoted supporters, but later developed links with Crowley and eventually established modern Wicca

1884 - 1964

Rt Rev Michael Bolton Furse

Anglican Bishop of St Alban's, from 1920 to 1944, who at first welcomed Ward and his community into the Anglican Church, but later became one of his most intransigent foes.

1870 - 1955

Mar Georgius (Hugh George de Wilmott Newman)

With himself as the head or Katholicos, Mar Georgius organised an alliance of small independent Orthodox and Catholic Churches and invited Ward and the Orthodox Catholic Church to join him in 1945. Generally supportive of Ward whilst he lived, but tried to "take over" the Orthodox Catholic Church in England after Ward's death

1905 - 1979

Most Rev Colin Mackenzie Chamberlain

Founding Member of Ward's Community, who was consecrated Bishop in 1946 and after Ward's death succeeded him as Archbishop of the Orthodox Catholic Church.

1890? - 1964

Most Rev. Peter Gilbert Strong

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Joined the Community in 1939 and ordained a priest by Ward in 1941 Strong was consecrated bishop by Chamberlain in 1951. Succeeded Chamberlain as Archbishop in 1965.

1920 -

Right Rev. Maurice Henry Cuffe
Joined the Community as a child with his mother and sister and ordained a priest by Ward in 1944. In 1948 he was chosen by Ward to be the step-father of his son John, a role he loyally fulfilled to the end of his life.

1924 - 1999

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Right Rev. John Reginald Cuffe

Natural son of J.S.M. Ward, born three months before his death in 1949. Has since dedicated his life to the promotion of Ward's teachings and ideals.

1949 -

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